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Please click here to download the nomination form. The Distinguished Service Award will be presented at the ALIC Annual Meeting in May only if a qualified nomination is received no later than December 31.

Larry Burkett - 2015 Award Recipient 



Larry Burkett was selected by the Board of Governors as the 2015 recipient of the Buist M Anderson Distinguished Service Award.

Larry served as President of the Association of Life Insurance Counsel in 2001-02, a pivotal time in the Association’s history.  It was during Larry’s tenure that the decision was made to move away from the long-standing home of the Association’s Annual Meeting—The Greenbrier—to assuage growing concerns regarding the perception of meeting at a remote, luxury resort amidst increasing fiscal constraints.  It was also during Larry’s tenure that attention was focused on enhancing the diversity of the Association by increasing the number of women and minority members, and opening membership to lawyers in private practice.  Larry’s vision and courage were crucial in transitioning an organization some perceived as becoming staid into the vibrant, forward-thinking Association we know today.  In addition to serving the Association as President, Larry also served as a member of the Board of Governors and produced and presented the Massachusetts Life Insurance Law Update during the 1999 Annual Meeting.

Larry’s significant contributions to the Association are matched by those he made to the life insurance industry, the life insurance bar and to colleagues he met along the way.  Larry joined the Law Division of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1973 and rose to become Executive Vice President and General Counsel, the position from which he retired in 2004.  While at MassMutual, Larry received the company’s President’s Leadership Award and served as the initial Chairman of the company’s Leadership Advisory Board.  He was the driving force behind enactment of mutual holding company legislation in Massachusetts.  During the debate over mutual holding company legislative proposals in the late 1990’s, Larry had the foresight to understand that Massachusetts insurance laws needed to be updated to provide domestic insurers the option of converting to mutual holding company status.  Larry devoted MassMutual’s legal and government relations resources to the successful pursuit of enactment of the existing Massachusetts mutual holding company law.  Larry also helped form and represented MassMutual as a Director of Sargasso Mutual Insurance Company, a captive D&O liability insurer that he continued to serve until recently as an At-Large Director.  The fact that Larry was asked to remain on the Board after his retirement from MassMutual is testament to the esteem in which he was held by his fellow Board members and the value his contributions provided.  Larry also served previously as President and CEO of C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company, and served as a Director of C.M. Life Insurance Company, DLB Acquisition Corp., MML Bay State Life Insurance Company, MML Investors Services, Inc., MassMutual Benefits Management, Inc., MassMutual Holding MSC, Inc. and Oppenheimer Acquisition Corp.

Larry’s scholarship, leadership and willingness to serve extended to national trade associations and to academia.  He served as Chairman of the ACLI Subcommittee on Litigation in 1990-91, Secretary of the Legal Section in 1996-97 and Chairman of the Legal Section in 1997-98.  His Annual Reviews of Litigation for 1987 and 1988 were published in the Legal Section Proceedings.  He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Hartford Chapter of the American Corporate Counsel Association.  Larry was a speaker at the Insurance Institute of the University of Connecticut School of Law for several years, co-chaired the Eighth and Twenty-First Annual Insurance Institutes and served on the Institute’s Advisory Committee.

In Larry's nomination, he was referred to as a giant in the life insurance industry, noting that those who got to work with him felt greatly privileged by the opportunity.  We agree.  Larry’s intelligence, foresight, leadership and demonstrated excellence in service to our Association and our industry embody the qualities and values the Anderson Award was designed to honor. 



Cynthia R. Shoss 2014
Wolcott Dunham, Jr. 2013
Joseph P. Rath 2012
Gary E. Hughes 2011
Thomas E. Workman 2010
Willliam A. Wilson** 2009
J. Michael Keefer 2008
Charles Bowman Strome, Jr. 2006
John J. Creedon, Jr. 2005
Jack D. Hunter 2002
Jack H. Blaine 2001
William R. Shands, Jr. 2000
Robert R. Googins 1999
A. Peter Quinn, Jr. 1998
Robert S. Seiler 1997
Hugh S. Campbell** 1995
Abram T. Collier 1994
Buist M. Anderson** 1993


The Buist M. Anderson Distinguished Service Award, named after its first recipient, is bestowed by the Board of Governors on long-standing members of the Association of Life Insurance Counsel who have provided outstanding service to the Association and to the bar of the life insurance and related financial services industry, to the life insurance industry or to colleagues in the industry.





Outstanding service to the Association can be evidenced in one or more of the following ways:


·         Presenting papers

·         Participating on panels

·         Promoting the collegiality of the Association

·         Serving as chair of a section

·         Serving on special committees

·         Serving as an elected officer

·         Serving on the Board of Governors


Outstanding service to the bar of the life insurance and related financial services industry can be evidenced in one or more of the following ways:


·         Participating in insurance-related activities of the Tort and Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association

·         Participating in insurance-related activities of a state or local bar association

·         Serving as an educator in insurance law

·         Contributing to legal scholarship through publication of learned articles or books on subjects of importance to the life insurance bar


Outstanding service to the life insurance industry can be evidenced in one or more of the following ways:


·         Serving on committees of the American Council of Life Insurers

·         Presenting papers to or serving as an elected officer in the Legal Section of the American Council of Life Insurers

·         Participating in the activities of other international, national or state trade associations concerned with legal and regulatory matters involving life insurance companies

·         Representing the life insurance industry before international, federal or state legislative or regulatory bodies

·         Participating in NAIC activities including membership on advisory committees

·         Holding a staff or leadership position in a life insurance trade association

Outstanding service to colleagues can be evidenced in the following way:


·         Giving willingly both time and effort to assist other lawyers in providing sound counsel and advice to their life insurance clients


These lists of ways in which outstanding service to the Association, to the life insurance bar, to the life insurance industry and to colleagues can be evidenced are not intended to be exhaustive.  Consideration may be given to other, equally laudable, service provided by a nominee.





1.    While the Anderson Award is intended to honor the recipient’s entire body of work, a recipient may still be actively engaged in, or fully retired from, their professional legal career, and may be either an active or emeritus member of the Association.  The recipient must, however, hold or have held active and substantial membership in the Association. 


2.    An individual may receive an Anderson Award only once.


3.    Governors and elected officers of the Association are not eligible to receive an Anderson Award during their tenure in office.


4.    An Anderson Award will not be made posthumously.



Nomination Process and Standards


1.    Nominations for the Anderson Award can only be made by current members of the Association.


2.    Members of the Distinguished Service Award Committee may nominate one or more individuals for the Anderson Award.


3.    Nominations must be submitted on the Buist M. Anderson Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form, which is available on the Association website.   


4.    The Nomination Form must be accompanied by letters from at least two other current or retired members of the Association seconding the nomination and attesting to the accuracy of the service that forms the basis for the nomination.


5.    The Nomination Form and seconding letters must be submitted to the Chairman of the Distinguished Service Award Committee, the President of the Association, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association or to the Association’s Executive Director.


6.    All nominations and seconding letters must be submitted by December 31, preceding the Association’s Annual Meeting at which the Award, if any, will be presented.


7.    Individuals nominated, but not selected, for the Anderson Award will be automatically reconsidered for the Award in future years.  Nominees will be eliminated from consideration, however, in the event they are not selected within five years after they are first nominated.  Nominees eliminated from consideration after five years may be re-nominated.    


8.    The Distinguished Service Award Committee will review all nominations received by December 31, for compliance with the foregoing qualifications, criteria and standards.  The Committee will make its recommendation, if any, to the Board of Governors prior to the January meeting of the Board at which the recommendation will be considered.


9.    An affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the entire Board is required to authorize the presentation of an Anderson Award.  Any Governor not present at the meeting at which the recommendation is considered may communicate his or her vote in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.


10.  If the Board of Governors fails to authorize presentation of an Anderson Award to a nominee recommended by the Distinguished Service Award Committee, the nomination may, at the discretion of the Board of Governors, be referred back to the Committee for future consideration.



Click HERE for a nomination form.

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